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(Sun Jun 7 16:08:06 2009)

This is the first blag EVER from Windows 7!

I know this, because no one has blagged since Windows 7 was released into the wild, except me. And I don't run Windows 7. Well, technically, I haven't install Win7 on any hardware - right now, I'm in a happy little virtual world, thanks to QEMU and KVM. I just love Linux, don't you?

Anyway, apart from a minor spasm a few minutes ago (it restarted my virtual computer without asking - never, EVER restart without my asking), all seems to be running smoothly. It took a bit of doing to get it to work with the virtual network - it seems the default virtual Ethernet card isn't installed by default in Win7, but a quick switch to a different card did wonders for that. Right now, I'm running a windows computer inside a Linux computer, and apart from the (somewhat telling) processor type of "Qemu virtual processor", you can't tell it's not running on it's own hardware. The sounds even works - and pretty well, I must say.

The next thing on my list is to see if I can transfer files around, and maybe get a few old games and such working on this. You know, make it actually useful. I'll comment on that later if I can actually get anywhere...

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