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(Wed May 27 12:27:29 2009)

Whew, what a weekend.

While everyone else was relaxing on patios and eating more hot dogs than was good for them, I was driving. While everyone else was piling onto the sofa to watch war movies, I was, well, driving. While everyone else was sitting at work Tuesday morning, I was sitting at a rest stop, waiting for my son to finish using the bathroom. Just before getting back on the road and driving.

I drove roughly 570 miles from Longview, TX to Salina, Ks, then another 175 miles to Gove, KS, for a family reunion, then 410 miles from Gove to Oklahoma City, OK, and finally 430 miles from from OKC to Longview again. Counting a missed turn, that's a round-trip total of better than 1600 miles; counting rest stops and meals, we were on the road for over 28 hours. That's a lot of driving. I would like to say, though, that my son was amazing - he talked to himself, laughed, sang, played with his toys, and generally was a really, really good kid.

I had fun talking with my family, and meeting a lot of family I didn't know I had (You're my third cousin, how many times removed?). I also got to meet my newest nephew, and play with my other nephew (almost 1) and his older sister (who is two, and very grown up, thank you very much).

I also had some interesting discussions with my wife as we were driving; those thoughts need their own blag, though, so I'll separate them.

Blagwish: Another three day weekend, only this time with NO DRIVING!

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