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(Wed May 20 23:14:25 2009)

If you haven't noticed, the link is redirecting to

If you haven't noticed, the link is redirecting to That's right, folks, I've gotten a domain! Please update your links accordingly. I'm not sure what exactly will change because of this; there's a few things I'm considering, including adding some static pages I have a bunch of stories and such that I'd like to put on the site, and right now, the blag is all there is.

What's probably going to happen is the following: will hold the static (or semi-static) pages. There will be links to the various other parts of the site, and I'll probably have to write a script to automatically re-generate pages when I change the look of the site. will hold the blag, and all the little bits that go with it, like the sitemap generator and such. will be a ftp access to the site, and will allow access through both ftp and http.
I'll probably think of other various subdomains eventually; for now, that should work.

There's a few other interesting things going on behind the scenes, especially with sitemaps and traffic analysis and all those other webmastery things.

This website is leaps and bounds closer to what I want than it was even last year. I mean, in less than five years, I've gone from a few piddly webpages, complete with tables and font tags, to an XHTML 1.1/CSS 2.1 compliance website. I mean, I even have feeds, which is something I didn't even dream about a year ago. The work goes on, but I think the coming weeks will see a few new hurdles crossed, marking a new era for this, my beloved interblagnetwobsite. Huzzah!

Oh, and remind me to actually make the "main" rss feed do something smart, like record all the blags written in the last 24 hours...

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