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(Sun May 3 23:54:10 2009)

There are three distinct parts of building a website - or more specifically, a dynamic website.

There are three distinct parts of building a website - or more specifically, a dynamic website. The first part is the framework, the functions, programs, and databases behind the website, making everything run smoothly - or, well, run, at any rate. The second part is the form; the CSS files, the div statements, and so on - all the pretty colors and pictures. The third part is the hard part - the feel of the site.

You see, no matter how powerful the backend is, and how awesome the frontend looks, if the site doesn't "feel" right, then it's not worth it. My site has a pretty strong backend, with some fairly unique features; the frontend is coming along, as well. The trouble is the feel of the site. Graphics and programming take time, and a certain amount of intelligence; really, though, that's the easy part. Easy because I at least know what to do. There's no way to know what a "feel" really needs, apart from lots of users. I know I won't get a lot of users - honestly, I don't think I could handle it. I'm not a highly interactive person. I just do the brilliant background work...

Anyway, I guess I'm saying that while this site is actually coming along pretty well, there will always be things in my todo list for it. At this point, I think there's actually enough work for three people - someone to do the graphics, someone to do the backend stuff, and someone to work on that elusive third piece. Well, maybe not a full-time work, but at least someone to work on help pages, wording, and overall cohesivity (I wonder if that's a word?). I can, of course, handle all the work myself; it'll just take a really, really long time. Perhaps I'll add in an edit page... that would, at least, make it easier for future help to, well, help.

Long story short, the site has come a long way, and it has a long way yet to go. Even so, I'm working on it - and if anyone would like to help, well, that would be awesome!

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