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Another quick fix

(Sun Apr 12 23:41:43 2009)

I'm not sure what caused it originally - I probably just forgot to save something

I'm not sure what caused it originally - I probably just forgot to save something - but the footer is where it should be now. Well, closer to where it should be, at any rate. Sigh...
I also increased the border around the right and left text boxes, and did a little bit with some other colors.

There are so many things that I can do with this site - indeed, so many things that need to be done - but there is no way I can get it all done. I'd love to pawn off some of the work, but unfortunately, working alone for so long makes that rather hard. You see, perl isn't exactly well known for its ability to modularize; I have exactly three "files" to work with.
First, the perl script running the site; that takes care of anything dynamic.
Second, the css file that places all the boxes and images; often, I don't need to modify anything else to place images (for instance, the flat boundry above is an image implemented purely in CSS).
Third, there is the template. It handles most of the placement of boxes. Anything that remains the same for every part of the site uses it.

So, really, most of the "art" stuff would be pretty easy to implement, using just the template and the css file - but even then, there will always be a time you'd need to access the main CGI (perl) file.

If, hypothetically, this site were to actually go gold, I would probably switch the perl over to a compiled executable - C/C++, most likely. It would take at least 50 hours straight programming time, and there are much more important things to change right now than that. As much as I'd love to do that, there really isn't a way just now. Nevermind that perl has all sorts of interesting modules, like Imagemagic or file manipulation...

Well, anyway. Things are getting done; the next thing to focus on is getting the comments looking right, then I'll probably move on to the image sections. I'd like to combine the "viewing someone else's" and "viewing your own" code into one section, but for now it's just going to stay as it is. I've found it's actually easier to get all the graphics to work out first, then do the code later; that way, I don't have to hunt through 5,000 lines of new code to move that one image 3px to the left...

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