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Making Changes

(Fri Apr 10 00:11:13 2009)

I've been making a lot of changes to the blag recently, as is plainly visible.

I realize there are several things that really, really need fixed - from the very visible footer-that-won't-stay-down to the not-so-visible blag-tag code mayhem. I need to make rounded corners, add some css and drop-shadows to the images pages, and even add email notifications. There are a dozen things that have been fixed, a dozen more that will get changed this weekend, and a dozen dozen more that will be left undone for a while yet.

It's getting better, though. I only wish there were some early adopters to help troubleshoot things - beta test, and all that. Not that I mind testing it myself; I guess it's just a time thing. Plus, I'm bad at prioritizing; I usually just do everything in order as it comes in, or ranked by "fun," whichever comes first.

Eventually, I'll split the main site into several different views - a lightweight, HTML-only site, an AJAX-rich site, a stripped-down mobile site, and maybe even a text-based site, or a Kingdom-of-Loathing-based site. The possibilities are quite unlimited. The only limiting factor is me.

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