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(Wed Apr 8 11:43:57 2009)

How do you like the new look?

How do you like the new look? Nice, yeah? Well, it's not perfect yet, but it's the first step to a better blag.

My very first webpage was, frankly, a disaster. It was designed in the Netscape HTML editor. If I wanted to update it, I had to manually edit the page. The design looked rather like a linux man page; sparse doesn't begin to describe it.
My second attempt looked a little better, and actually managed to give some decent data, but it still wasn't close to finished. You can see some of the leftovers in the "technical" section to the right (soon, those will be gone - I hope).
My third attempt actually began to bring cohesion to my webpages. It looked a little like what you've been used to recently.
Then came the big day - I released Version Zero of the Interblagnetweb, or "Blag!?!" for short. It looked awesome. No longer was it a collection of webpages, but a real website. I've worked on the backend a lot since then, and made a huge amount of improvements.
Which brings me to today. As you can see, the blag is changing. The layout has moved, the colors are different, and the site seems to have gone retro-box-style. Gone are the days of huge PNG files, though; this page is pure CSS, as long as you don't count the background image.
There are going to be a lot more improvements, of course. I'll never stop updating this blag. However, if I can get some of these changes in place, it will be oh-so-much simpler to update in the future. The less I have to worry about the interface between form and function, the better it is for everyone.

The major driving force behind all these improvements has always been my desire to learn. Originally, I had only a few meager resources. I didn't even have a free website.
Each improvement was pulled by a change in resources - free webpages, then my own server, then a decent internet connection.
This latest change is probably due to moving from text files to MySQL, as well as getting a phone whith an internet browser; now, I can save all my CSS files in a database. If I wanted to, I could even make a page so you could make your own CSS file, setting widths and colors and backgrounds. I probably won't, not for a while yet anyway, but the possibility is there, where it wasn't before.

There's a big bright world out there, folks. I'm learning about it on purpose - are you?

Oh, and a blagwish: standards-compliant browsers. Come on, people, is it really that hard?

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