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(Thu Mar 26 13:25:00 2009)

So, I've been playing with SQL - actually, working with it

So, I've been playing with SQL - actually, working with it, it's on-the-job, they-actually-pay-me-to-do-this stuff - and I've come up with a few functions that I could add to the site. Simple stuff, like min/max/average blag length (by characters), average time-between-blags, last active, things like that. I've no idea what I will eventually implement, of course, but the ideas are there. Of course, there's a few things that will be harder than others, but I'm up for suggestions.

Thus far, I have the following functions ready:
-minimum/maximum/average blag length (in characters)
-number of blags you've made
-number of pictures you've posted
-number of comments you've made
-number of comments made to you
-most-used filter (everyone, only those logged in, etc.)

I would also like:
-max/min/avg number of words
-max/min/avg different words
-max/min/avg word length

And eventually, I could add some interesting stuff:
-degrees of freedom between person A and person B (ie, A comments on C's blag, D comments on C's blag, and B is in D's group = A->C->D->B = 3 degrees of separation)
-user's average time-of-day to post/comment
-estimated number of comments to your blag (based on word count, number of inner circle friends, previous blags, topic, etc.)
-sugested reading based on your own blag (word count, topic, etc.)
-and so on.

The first section is effectively done. The second section would be a little bit harder, because SQL doesn't have built-in functions to handle that; I'd have to write my own. The third section would be... difficult. Either I'd have to come up with a second, mirrored databased with things like wordcount, sorted words, etc. in it, or I'd have to invent a rather nasty, long formula to do it all for me. I doubt many of the last section will actually make it anywhere...

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