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(Mon Dec 8 10:13:03 2008)

I, for one, welcome, and so on.

Well, I'm trying something new. Sure, I may be bowing to our robotic overlords at Google by doing so, but I've always wondered who visits my website. Google Analytics will gather access information about my site, so I can see how many hits I've gotten, etc., without having to do a lot of programming and checking myself. Sure, I could put in a page counter (and probably will), but this is, well, new and interesting. I'm wondering how being hosted at will affect things; will it block it? Will it ignore it? Will it gather statistics from all the websites associated with Who knows!! That's the fun part! Right now, though, I'm sitting at "Your site sucks, no one ever visits." If I had a social networking manager-type-person, I'll bet that I'd have more hits.

Now I only need to figure out how to make money from this...

Blagwish: per-blag statistics, so I could track "most-viewed entries" and such.

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