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Atheists vs Christmas

(Fri Dec 5 15:16:44 2008)

Atheists don't make sense.

Atheists don't make sense. If, as they claim, there is no God, no angels, no demons, nothing holy or unholy, then why bother attacking people who believe those things exist? If someone had managed to convince Mother Teresa that god didn't exist, chances are, she might not have gone to India. Even if there is no God, the good she did still happened.

According to a recent news article, at least one atheist believes that the Nativity scene has a "threat of internal violence" if people don't "submit to that master." A comment on the article sums it up pretty well: "The only people who are offended by a baby surrounded by people and animals are people who WANT to be offended."

So why would you want to be offended at a Nativity? I think the reason is that Atheists are upset that Christians get a holiday. Atheists never get a holiday - they can't. Holidays are "holy days", and in a world where there is no God, there is nothing holy. Instead, they just get a "off-work-for-no-reason day." Holidays are for people who believe there is a reason for a day to be holy; Christians celebrate Christmas, Jews celebrate Hanukkah, Wiccans celebrate the Winter Solstice, and so on. If this world is nothing but natural events, then there is nothing to celebrate except "Whee, it's not quite January yet." You couldn't even believe in Santa Claus.

That would explain why Atheists are so defensive - celebrating Christmas (and any other holiday) is against their religion. Atheists will probably agree that the Nativity really isn't a "threat of violence." But honestly, if I saw everyone else having such a good time, and I was banned from Christmas due to my beliefs, I'd be a bit grumpy, too! Burn the Santa hats! Destroy the decorated tree! Tear down the lights! Why? Because this day is just like every other day - absolutely meaningless in the grand lack-of-a-scheme of things!

Actually, I think I understand why Atheists hate Christmas so much now. It's not that they hate the fact that Christianity (and other religions) celebrate some special day of the year, but that anyone gets a special day at all; celebrating Christmas is admitting that they really aren't atheists. It is akin to calling myself a strict vegetarian that occasionally enjoys beef, chicken, and pork, or saying that I'm 100% earth-friendly owner of a pleasure jet. Effectively, Atheists are setting themselves up to be browbeaten - and they can't even be self-righteous!

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