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(Tue Nov 18 16:23:27 2008)

Or, When To Stop And Think For A Minute

This weekend, my wife got a little LCD picture device. It's cheap ($10), tiny, and of course, has no linux driver. After a bit of looking, I realized the only way to utilize this device was to run some form of Windows.

Having read about KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine), I decided I would try to resurrect one of my old backups and try my hand at virtual hardware. I got the basics set up quite easily, but then I hit a brick wall. It seems that it's not actually all that easy to convert an iso, ripped from the partition of a hard drive, to a virtual drive. Who knew?

That was the first sign of trouble. If I were someone who was hiring my services, I would have canceled the project as soon as I heard, "there's got to be a way to do that!"
You see, when I enjoy something, instead of finding a fast, efficient, repeatable, or easy way to get what I want, I'll instead choose a course of action that usually ends up being the most sadistic, convoluted way possible. For example, when I first tried to make a mediacenter computer, I didn't start with Windows Media Center. No, I started with Debian. At the command line.

After a bit of puttering around, I decided that the iso needed a boot record. I stared a rip of my windows XP cd, and headed off to work. Over my lunch hour, I decided to log in to my home computer for a little more tweaking. Now, here at work we use a proxy to get the to the outside world. It's easier for me to run stuff from a VM (since I don't need IT permission to install anything on that), so I use ssh from there. And on top of that, the work I would be doing would need a VNC connection, which would be tunneled through the proxied ssh connection.

For those keeping track, that's a virtual machine running VNC through a proxied SSH tunnel.

Ok, so, the XP CD didn't help. I'll probably need to "burn" the partition iso onto a virtual drive to use it. Thus, I used an Ubuntu ISO in live mode to boot my soon-to-be VM. As the graphics lag terribly, the final score is:
I'm using a virtual machine via a VNC connection which is tunneled through an SSH connection which is proxied through a NAT because I'm using a virtual machine on my work laptop.

That was the point where I accidentally tried to mount /proc/cpuinfo as a drive.
I'll wait until I get home before I try anything else.

Blagwish: Please, for the love of all that is sane, someone stop me before I create an internet driven black hole!

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