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(Mon Nov 10 10:10:28 2008)

Memory bloat is, if you pardon the pun, huge.

Now, I expect an internet browser to use a decent amount of RAM; there's a lot of pictures and text and flash that needs to be displayed. While I don't think you need half a gig of ram to read email, I understand that Outlook is just a hog. But do I really need to use 250MB to listen to a CD in Media player? Or the worst culprit of all - the gmail notifier! (gasp!) Why does a simple email checker need to use over 200MB of ram? There's nothing to store! All it does is ask the server if there's anything new, and the server says, "Why, yes. There is." That doesn't take a quarter of a gig. That takes a couple megs, at most.

Sure, we needs a gig of ram when zipping a 30 gig file. But do we need 150MB for a virus scanner? Or 50MB for a disabled wireless manager? I mean, sql server uses only 40MB. Opera, with five pages open, is only using 76 MB. Is this so hard? Why is it so terribly difficult to make applications clean up after themselves? Or use an array of 16 bit integers, instead of 32 or 64 bit integers, if that's all you need?

It usually comes down to lazy programming and poor planning (on the part of the programmer, or on the part of management). Sometimes it's a genuine mistake, or a hole somewhere that no one could have guessed, but usually, it's not. And, even if it is, you still need to fix it. Seriously. I'm talking to you, Google...

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