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(Tue Nov 4 17:26:36 2008)

Who knew a game soundtrack would be so awesome?

I got the game for Christmas years and years ago; the game itself is pretty cool, though perhaps a little slow at times, and probably too "deep" for the average gamer. The basic idea is that your race discovered a crashed spaceship in the desert somewhere, and from it gleaned the capability to not only build an enormous space ship, but to give said ship a warp drive. Even better, there's a map that shows the way to the original homeworld. After some testing and training, 600,000 people are loaded onto the ship, and off you go in search of your homeworld. After a test drive, you return, only to find that your planet has been completely destroyed.

Thus begins my favorite game scene ever. Now, usually, game music is somewhere between "dull" and "not there." Homeworld, however, picked the perfect soundtrack for this game; as the ship's computer describes the scene, with "Adagio for Strings" (by Samuel Barber) in the background. You can't just sit and watch as a computer program recounts the destruction of a make-believe planet - it's your planet. Your world was just destroyed.

The rest of the songs on the soundtrack range from so-so to vaguely haunting; blending into the background or pushing to the forefront as the scene requires. It's not a great soundtrack for just listening to, I suppose, though it does make for good background music.

Now, excuse me, while I listen to the first track again.

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