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(Tue Oct 7 13:08:37 2008)

I yam what I yam

That's what I am; I hear people going on about how they go out to eat stuff like crab and steaks, or how they like vacationing in exotic countries, or how expensive their name brand clothing is becoming. Me? I'd like a ham sandwich (two slices white bread, one thick slice of ham, and some Miracle Whip), a hammock, and a book. That would be awesome. Vacation is when I sleep in, or go to the zoo, or go camping. For three days, not for a month. My idea of an awesome outfit is a pair of jeans with lots of pockets, and a tshirt with the number e on it. Formal wear? Add a tie with a stereogram on it. That would rock.

I'm not very complicated. I have long list of well-defined likes and a very short list of dislikes; I communicate my likes and dislikes plainly, too. Am I some freak of nature that I'd rather spend three days in a campground than a month on a cruise ship? Or that I'd rather have a chicken salad sandwich than a pile of crab legs and an 8 ounce filet mignon? Or, for that matter, that if given a choice between a full-size brazilian hammock and a 50in LCD tv, that I would seriously consider the hammock (I'd get the tv... then sell it, and buy two hammocks and a laptop).

I'd rather read a book than see a movie. I'd rather go for a bike ride with my son than get a seat at the X-Games. I don't enjoy watching sports or eating buffalo wings. I would, in fact, rather pay for a cup of Chai tea (1/3 milk and a tablespoon of honey) than get a free ultra-fresh super-coffee. Seriously. I don't even like coffee.

I suppose I am a freak; I'd rather watch an old Britcom on a 19in screen than a new movie on a 50in screen. Even in computers, I'd rather spend $300 for a year-old system I build myself than $1500 for a top-of-the-line super-computer with a warranty. I'd rather drive my clunky old stickshift than get a brand new sports car. Shoot, even if someone said they'd trade me my old car for a new sports car, I'd probably refuse.

I'm a simple guy. Simple tastes, simple style, simple life.

But you know what? I'm happy. And in this world, that's not so simple.

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