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(Tue Sep 23 11:31:03 2008)

That IS the question!

That IS the question! At this point, the blags are actually up and functioning; a lot of the background work is finished. There's still a lot to do, first and foremost being the graphics, but the framework is solidly in place. If I stopped today, this would still be a useful blag. It's missing signup, good graphics, decent interface, etc., but the bare-bones frame of it all is working great.

In other news, Xan is getting more teeth; he's got 5, with another on the way! He's walking like a pro, and really working on communicating. He's learned a few signs - wind, rain, more, yay, hi/bye, milk, and hat. The way you do "hat" is by patting the top of your head; Xan can't reach, though, so he either pats the back of his head or his face. Last night as we were going to bed, Lindsay mentioned that she would make a hat for him; she asked, "Would you like a hat, Xan?", and he raised his eyebrows, then slapped his face in a perfect "oh, good grief, mother!"

I 'bout died laughing... :-)

So, blagwish: graphics! Graphics graphics graphics! And better sidebars.

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