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(Wed Sep 17 07:25:57 2008)

Or, Blagwishing!

Having written a program that finds all my blagwishes (that is, it cuts out all the post until the word "blagwish", followed by a semicolon or a space), I shall now write a post with everything I need to do.

Things the site needs:
-a preview function for posts
-a preview function for blags
-color-coding for preview, based on visibility
-an editing function for posts
-an editing function for blags
-a delete function for posts
-a delete function for blags
-a delete function for pictures
-integrate IM and email
-fix the sidebar timestamp
-make website more cellphone-friendly
-stats for blags: word count, most used word, average word length, average replies, most replies, etc.
-find a better way to upload
-get a real site name (www.metzgernet.something, probably)
-an IDE for perl (?)
-guest usernames
-edit the site THROUGH the site, rather than through the filesystem
-a signup page
-a delete-user page (deletes their blag but not their posts?)
-better tags and better tag visibility
-automatic defaults (ie, all posts are 'guest' or something)

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