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(Mon Sep 1 22:38:08 2008)

This highly undeveloped page is where you will find many links.

This highly undeveloped page is where you find many of my links. It's so much more interesting than trying to make them seem in order, believe me!

Kingdom of Loathing - This is KoL. Sign up, play a few minutes, get hooked for life. That's all there is to it. I'm Arman in game.

LeTourneau University - This is my school, right here in Longview, TX. Not that I like Texas. Too hot, not enough snow. The school's pretty good though.

UserFriendly, RealLife, Schlock Mercenary - comic strips I read

Google - 10^100 (1 followed by 100 zeros). Also the best search engine there is - simple, easy to use, and all around fun!

DeviantArt - This is my DeviantArt page, where a lot of my stuff goes up. It gets updated... well, never, at this point. Oh well.

Debian Linux - Windows may be getting better, but nothing matches Linux for hands-on personalization. Debian has a great download/install program, too, which makes for very simple upgrades.

Ubuntu - Debian too much for you? Here's something more your speed - Ubuntu! Not only is it designed for 'novice' users, it ships (free) on a (free) CD (for free). Stick it in your computer, reboot, and you're in Linux. Take it out, reboot, and you're back in Windows. It runs completely off the cd, so it doesn't even touch your hard drive. It's AWESOME! And did I mention FREE?

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