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(Wed Aug 13 08:53:37 2008)

This is week two of training; fun fun fun.

This is week two of training; fun fun fun. This week is going a whole lot slower. Part of it is that I'm a computer guy, and the problem presented is most definately a mechanical one. As I understand it, this week is supposed to train us how to do our own stuff - however, almost all the time has been spend actually gathering data and discussing the problems, instead of talking about HOW to gather the data, and HOW to discuss the problem. The problem they chose is not generic; just like homework that has you solve specifics and won't tell you generic, this class is starting to get on my nerves. I spend an hour standing around doing nothing yesterday; if that happens again, I'm coming back to my laptop and working on something else. I forgot to re-route some stuff, so it'll be hard to get any real work done, but still. Anything is better than standing in a noisy enviroment doing nothing.

On the up side, I'm in a really nice hotel! It turns out that our travel agent got us the wrong hotel; luckily, the hotel next door had a few rooms free, so we got in there. They have an in-house restaraunt, including room service; the breakfast isn't usually free, but we get tickets so we can get up to $20 worth of food for free. Not bad, that. Faster internet, too!

I need to find some time to work on stuff - this next week will be perfect for programming, since Lindsay and Xan will be in Michigan. As long as I can get to bed on time, and not watch too many movies, I'll be able to get a lot done on the site and on the house. The room is almost done - it would be awesome if we could actually finish it next week. Wow... I'd get a place for my computers, for all my stuff... I could actually sit in my computer room, alone, and listen to my own music. How awesome is THAT!?! Do you know how long it's been since I've sat in a room at home by myself? Months! The only time I've had to sit by myself at all hasw been at work, when I program in the cell with all the lights off. Oh, and speaking of lights - I can have darkness! No more glare! I'll have space, darkness, and a lack of slobber on my keyboard... could there even BE anything better!

Well, maybe if we finish the deck in time to set up the pool. And then, y'know, use it at least once. I paid $40 for that thing, I want to be able to swim around a little!

Well, it looks like it's getting towards time to work some more... so my Blagwish: help! I need assistance programming my website - it's getting to the point that I just don't have time to work on everything I need to. Not like I don't have time to work on stuff, though that's true - I just have too many projects. Heck, I don't even remember how to program this thing. Too many programming languages in my head...

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