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(Thu Jul 10 11:40:06 2008)

Business trips are... interesting.

Business trips are... interesting. I'm here in New Jersey for training; it's usually ok, there are the occasional... slow parts. Very slow, sometimes, but overall it's pretty interesting; I'm learning things, getting new "tools" to use, making new contacts... overall, having fun. The downtime afterwards is very nice - I can go to bed when I want, instead of when Xan lets me. Plus the only thing hogging my bed is my laptop - and it doesn't steal my sheets!

I'm sorry I haven't had time to work on the site - but I should get time pretty soon. My deck is almost done (it needs railings), my computer room is nearing finished (it seriously needs wired; I should order that tonight, I think), and the yard is coming together in general. Once I can move everything into the computer room, I can actually get down to business and start programming. Oh, and make a computer for Xan; he's very interested in my computer, so I'm going to make him a spiffy little thing with an indestructible keyboard, a fun-looking mouse, and games that don't require a lot of dexterity (ie, babykeys; you push the buttons, and it makes sounds). It will, of course, be linux-based; probably Xfce. It would be awesome if I could find an old touchscreen for him to play with - easy to clean, and he can poke the screen and chase stuff across it. Hey, I might even make him some games to play with; shouldn't be too hard.

I really can't wait until I have this room. I'll have my own door, I can make a mess or clean stuff up however I want... it'll be awesome! And, of course, no more cables draped across the room! All the computers will be set up with their wires all tied up and pretty, all set.

Well, we're starting up again; time to work!
Blagwish: that I would have time like this, AND could access my server! Sigh...

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