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(Sat May 31 00:14:09 2008)

This Website has moved! ...across the block.

If you had been unable to get to the site last week, that's because the site was packed in a box and sitting in an dark, hot room. Not because it was bad, but because we moved; I'm slowly getting things running, but at the moment, we're limping along on two computers (and one of them, the server, is good for nothing but hosting the website). There is so much stuff for me to do around here... for one thing, I need to run electrical cable (and set up a new circuit from the fuse box), run ethernet, make a patch box (ethernet and phone), insulate, sheetrock (ceiling and walls), fill cracks, paint, build shelves, and buy and set up a gigabit router. And that's just one room!

I'm also having to deal with a bunch of outside stuff (weeding, mowing, tilling, digging, post-setting, and eventually deck-building), a flea infestation inside, Xan, unpacking boxes, work, unpacking more boxes, church events, building shelves, traveling to Kansas... actually, I think I'll stop listing things. It's making me depressed :-P

If I can get the computer room set up, that's about half the battle. The outside stuff is hard, but doesn't have a deadline, and nothing else depends on it. The shelves depend on me getting an entertainment center; the box-unpacking depends on the shelves; the finalizing of the computer room requires some tools that are packed, and thus the computer room somewhat depends on the unpacking. So many things to do, so little time in a day!

I wish there were people nearby who could help out; I know I'll need at least three people to help with the sheetrock. I can put in screws, but I'm not going to be able to hold that thing against the ceiling too, nosir. I'm glad I got the AC working in there, though; it's bad enough even with the AC. Without it... I would die.

Oh, gee, look. It's midnight again. Well, I got some things done, but again, not the things I planned on getting done. Sigh...

You know, there's just so many things that I can't write 'em down. A million fat men and a single doorway, and all that. Tell you what - if you'll help me build the computer room, we'll call it even. How's that.

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