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Worst. Birthday. Ever.

(Sat May 10 15:50:02 2008)

No kidding. This birthday sucked.

No kidding. This birthday sucked. Now, I've had some bad birthdays; I've had plenty of good birthdays, too, of course - but this one, well, it takes the cake. The weekend started off kinda badly, since Xan got the flu; he spent one night throwing up, and the next week with explosive diarrhea. Not such a bad thing, but we left Friday for my brother's graduation. In Arkansas. Northern Arkansas. From Texas. So, that meant that we had to deal with a crying baby all the way up there. And really, really nasty diapers. Instead of the usual 1-2 dirty diapers a day (dirty meaning "needs to be wiped"), we had over a dozen.

Fast-forward through Saturday (which actually went pretty well). Sat. night, Xan didn't sleep well, and Lindsay was really sleepy from staying up previous nights, so I got to stay up with him. Whee. Sunday morning - my birthday - I woke up feeling ill. Nothing too bad, but I didn't want to eat anything for fear of it visiting me again. I packed the car, then we all zoomed off home. Seven hour car ride, remember? Yeah. Only this time, we got to stop while I left the contents of my stomach in a ditch under an overpass. Yeah. Not fun. The worst bit was, the nauseous feelings came in waves; we pulled under the overpass, but then sat there for a while, since I was feeling like I was going to lose my supper, but didn't actually do so. I knew that I would feel loads better if I could just throw up, but it didn't happen for a good ten minutes. Sitting under a stinky overpass, willing myself to either toss my cookies or stop feeling bad; ah, what a birthday. Bleck.

On the up side, my birthday went fairly well the rest of the week; I got a really nice Brazilian hammock, for one thing; the rest of my presents are trickling in, too. We're really cracking down on this whole moving thing - we have the full go-ahead next week - and my work schedule is getting a bit interesting, but nothing too bad. I'm hoping we can get stuff straightened out by the end of May, and can have a somewhat restful summer.

Here's hoping that next year's birthday goes a little better, eh?

Oh, and, blagwish: that I could remember everything I need to work on, and that it not get lost in the havoc and chaos.

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