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(Sun Apr 20 22:40:46 2008)

I've put a lot of actually-acts-like-a-blag-ness into the Blag!?! site recently

I've put a lot of actually-acts-like-a-blag-ness into the Blag!?! site recently (as I've mentioned before). This time, though, I think the Blag!?! is really coming together. There are still a lot of things to do - for instance, I still haven't even touched the sign-up-friends-under-you thing... but hey, you can blag, you can upload pictures, you can even edit settings and stuff on the pictures. If I can convince myself to learn SQL on my own, I'll finally add editing to blags.

I don't have comments on pictures; I'm not sure if I want to or not. For now, if you want someone to comment on your picture, just use a "pic" tag. That should do it.

Which reminds me - I'm going to add blag-tag help to the side of the blag pages. Gimme a minute here...
Ok, that should do it. I hope. Oh! Hold on, gotta add that pic tag. Doesn't work without it, eh? Here's a test:

This is a paragraph with a picture. The picture tag is right here: -)(- (note the parenthetical un-statement; it's there to wrap around the link). Now I'm going to put in a lot of other text, so it eventually wraps around the picture. I think. I'm still not sure how to implement this. Shoot, at the moment, I might just have it add a thumbnail and a link to the bigger picture. I'll just have to see, eh? Wish I could get some feedback on some of this... ah well. Eventually, right?

Anyway, so there you have it. A picture, embedded in the text. There's a few ways I could do this; by the time you read this, it could be any one of them. Here's the list:
1) Replace the "pic" tag with the image's thumbnail and a link to the big image
2) Replace the "pic" tag completely, and put the image in the upper right/upper left of the paragraph, with the text wrapping around it
3) Replace the "pic" tag completely, putting the image before the paragraph, centered
4) Replace the "pic" tag completely, putting the image below the paragraph, centered

The problem with any of the paragraph-based ideas, of course, is that a paragraph is defined as either a carridge return (if there's no html), or a "br" tag (if there is html). I could, of course, leave it up to the user, but I want the site to stay fairly simple.

Blagwish: A magical device that grants me the ability to work on my webpage whenever I want. Oh, and a million dollars.

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