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(Tue Apr 8 22:51:09 2008)

Life in general, generally

First off, life in general.
Things have been going well - a welcome change to the last month. Work's been going especially well; a bit of a scare when there were some layoffs, but everything's going well now. I'm getting to work on some embedded stuff - great fun! I've written functions for sine, cosine, arcsine, arccosine, and divide, using nothing but shifts (*2 or /2) and adds (and jumps and compares, of course). I need to remind myself to work on other projects, because I get caught up in that.

Xan is really taking off; he can sit up like he's been doing it forever, and is always playing with his toys. I'm pretty sure he's close to breaking his first teeth - he chews on everything! And the drool... oh man, the drool... As soon as I get the picture stuff working, I'll upload a whole bunch of pictures.

Speaking of, I've started the ball rolling with this very website - very soon, this blag post (and others like it) will be able to do all sorts of magical things, including posting pictures INSIDE a blag post! How cool is that?!? As you can see, I've already added the picture section - not a lot there right now, but there will be. Oh, there will be...

I've also been working on - well, I should say, Infog's been working on - some new graphics. Once those roll out, there will be no end to awesomeness on this site. Now that I can access the site from my phone (well, some of the site; I need to work on other bits), I'll make a phone-friendly version, too.

Blagwish: Time. No, honestly, I've got so much to do on this site, I just need some time to do it in! And maybe some sort of IDE for perl, so I don't have to use VI via the command line via PuTTY...
And a new server. More things that need money... sigh :-)

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