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(Tue Nov 6 14:00:27 2007)

First of all, babies are AWESOME! I may be sleep-deprived, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

First of all, babies are AWESOME! I may be sleep-deprived, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Xan (that's what we call Alexander - Lindsay knows too many girls named Alex) is growing and changing every day; he's already bigger than when he was born, and he's only three weeks old. He's still very inquisitive, and has learned to turn his head to the sound of someone's voice - if he's laying in his bed and Lindsay and I say something, he'll turn his head and watch us. I know his vision isn't very good just now, but he's trying.

I hope he has better reflexes than I did - Mom says I would get upset because I knew what I wanted, but I couldn't make my arms/legs/whatever do what they were supposed to. For instance, I liked to stack cans in the kitchen, but would usually end up accidentally knocking them over. Ah well, I turned out all right; I'm sure he will too.

As for work, well, I'm staying pretty busy; I have a list of things to do as long as my arm, and the QA guy looks hopeful any time I wander past his cubical (he has an even longer list for me, heh). I'm learning a lot of stuff, especially about coding - I leaned enough visual basic in the first week to make a Breakout clone. From there, I started learning ASP, and re-made the breakout game as a webpage. I even tested my upgrading skills and converted both games to visual studios 2005, from 2003. Right now, I'm actually working on things that are useful, like programmers and such. Evenings and weekends I've been working on a game over TCP/IP (also in VB). Once I'm comfortable enough in fixing things, I might try to convert everything to C#. Probably won't get anyone to convert it to C++ or C (or assembly - hah!), but that's life. As much as I would like to learn those better, they'll have to wait. It's ok, I'm having plenty of fun now :-D

And now, webpages! And yes, I mean this one, among others. While attempting to convert my VB breakout project to ASP, I found that it wasn't really going to work without including some AJAX (if I could find a way to host an ASP page in linux, I'd link to it; for now, you're stuck with your imagination...). The game itself is mostly just "AJmutter" - the XML part of it isn't really used. Granted, I'm passing comma-delimited numeric variables back and forth so it's not worth it to use XML.

A later project used XML a bit, though, so I've got a handle on that, too. Frankly, my resume is rather awesome right now - I think I've gotten 5 years experience with VB, ASP, AJAX (and thus XML), and even javascript in the last month. Heh.

Anyway, that being said, I've also gotten a tiny bit of experience with SQL; if I could take a weekend and work on it a little more, I think I could convert this whole site to a database, instead of text files, which would make a lot of things a lot easier (and able to tie in to phpBB, possibly). I would really like to be able to make this into a portable, expansive blag site, with capabilities to rival GMail. Well, ok, that last one is a stretch, but still. Imagine how useful a "Save while typing" function would be!

Well, that's all for today; watch this site, though. Changes are coming! :-)

Blagwish: See post. Also, ability to post from my phone, faster picture downloads, and a real name to host this site from.

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