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It's a boy!!

(Tue Oct 16 07:20:25 2007)

Today has been a very, very interesting day. Also, I'm a dad.

Today has been a very, very interesting day; it started about 2AM; I woke up as Lindsay said, "Oh, no!" and dashed for the bathroom. The reason? Her water broke. Two hours later, I was busily filling the water-birth pool, getting Lindsay a drink, heating water, fetching towels... We called the midwife at around 4:45am, and she said she'd be here in about an hour and a half. As the contractions grew closer together, I began to wonder if the midwife would make it in time.

And at 6:15, I found that indeed, she wouldn't make it - I caught my first son, Alexander Ray!

He's 7 pounds, 2 ounces, and very, very inquisitive. He's looking around, yawning - I half expect him to start talking, he's so bright-eyed!

Now? Now I'm going to eat some breakfast, and hold my firstborn :-D

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