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Sinus Toothache

(Sat Jul 28 07:37:38 2007)


Long, long ago, there was a Pharoh in Egypt who suffered from a toothache. He was in constant pain; the only way to ease the pain was to get drunk, and get drunk he did. Back then, the best way to cure a toothache was to put herbs on it, drink alot, as wait for it to rot out of your head. This tooth (or teeth) didn't seem to do that, though; he was driven out of his mind by the pain, reduced to a slobbering idiot, who finally committed suicide.

I know how that poor man felt... maybe you've felt a twinge or two in a tooth, and you've probably had a headache a few times. You might even suffer from fairly cronic sinus headaches. Me, I used to get sinus headaches all the time as a kid. These days, crippling headaches are much less frequent, but I still have sinus problems. Every few years (it seems), I get a sinus toothache. Never heard of it? Well, it's not all that common. Which is good - I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

Imagine your worst headache ever - you just wanted to lay down in a dark room and wait for the pain to stop. It hurts so bad that you may even throw up.

That's nothing.

If you hurt your leg, you can distance yourself from it - it's over there, so it doesn't hurt as much. If you have a headache, it hurts like crazy, but if you just don't move, you'll probably be ok.

Sinus toothache? When it's bad, it feels like someone is driving a railroad spike through my lower molars, through my mouth, into my upper molars, and on out my head through my eyeball. Any movement sends spikes of pain shooting across the left side of my face. I can move, talk, walk, even appear perfectly normal, but the pain in my teeth is driving me insane...

Now, when it's not so bad (like right now), there's a dull ache, like I got punched on the cheekbone. As long as I don't bite anything, that's all there is. If I do bite down, though, it feels like every molar on the left side gains a sudden, horrible toothache, like someone is trying to hammer them into my skull.

So why do I have these? I'm cursed with "low sinus passages". Next time you're in walmart, take a look at sudafed - it's got a picture of someone's face, with balloons above and below his eyes, on both sides. The lower ones are my problem - they go so low, the rest right on top of the nerves in my molars. If they get swollen, they push on those nerves - instant pain. I'm usually ok; I can tell a headache is coming on because the teeth on that side start getting a bit achy. Nothing serious, just a slight pressure. However, if I get a sinus infection, those buggers swell up like nothing else, and I suddenly have a mouth full of pain.

Up side? Really easy to cure. Couple ibuprofen, a week's worth of antibiotics, and I'm good.
Down side? No job = no money, no money = no meds. And I just ran out of ibuprofen...

On an unrelated note, this is my longest blag post EVER! I dunno about word count, but it's been two days since I started work on this :-P

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