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(Wed Jun 27 13:42:59 2007)

I hope this blag thing catches on

I hope this blag thing catches on - I actually enjoy writing things down, but I get so busy trying to learn and do and experience that I end up in a "spin lock" - so many things to do, not enough doorway to get it all in at once.

I have time to work, eat, sleep, interact, blag, program, build, test, write, talk with friends, visit, play games... just not all in the same week. I mean, look at all the blagwishes I've created - lots of stuff, but I haven't had time to look at them. Shoot, a lot of them are recursive problems - wake up early and write a program so I don't have to wake up early, that sort of thing.

What's more, there's much more important stuff that I don't have time for - things like finding a job. I need one of those. I need one of those yesterday. Well, actually, day after tomorrow, but who's counting? I'd like a job; the one I have now is fun, but it's done July 1st, and honestly, it takes the brainpower of a retarded squid to do what I do now. Not that that is a bad thing - I wouldn't turn down a job at Walmart, if they can manage to pay me enough to support my family (by which I mean more than $6/hr, thanks).

All right, enough complaining. Here's a few things that are on the back shelf, waiting to pop out into reality:
1) Steampunk computer mod. Take one decent case; drill, saw, sand; add some dials, electrical hardware, and a window, and tada! Working steampunk mod! Yay!
2) Blag stuff. Eventually, I really would like to get this thing off the ground. I've even found a method I could use to send text messages! How's that for cool?
3) Redesigned computer room. I need the space, honestly, and there's just a lot of junk I've collected. I intend to go through it all, moving things around until it looks smaller than it actually it. Er... don't go near that closet. Sorry.
4) Preparing for Baby. Yes! This is the big thing - Baby is due in Oct/Nov, so there's not much time for things to get rolling! We need diapers, wipes, a bed, some baby-safe dishes... [walks off muttering about baby things] Er, wait, sorry, where was I?
5) Working computers. I have a lot of computers; I have a lot of working ones, and a lot of non-working ones. This makes things interesting. I would much rather have the slightly less-interesting, more-useful option of having a lot of working computers, some even ready to sell, if need be.

Random blagwish: Word counter! You post, it counts - great for statistics!

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