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Long time, no post

(Thu Mar 8 16:36:30 2007)

Yes, yes, I know, par for the course

I sign up for some sort of thing that lets you blag all you want, and I end up doing nothing about it. Sigh... that's just the way it works, I guess.

If you noticed the site was down a few times - yep, that was me. Or rather, me via my server; I don't quite know what happened, but somehow it just decided to stop updating the ip. Oops. I think I have it fixed (again) now (again). I'm thinking about upgrading my server (which would separate it from my TV), though I'm not sure how I want to do that. y'see, each computer running takes up a certain amount of energy, of which costs money. According to my rough calculations, it costs around $5/mo to run a computer(not including the fixed rate for internet and such). Of course, that ignores updates as well; I need a new monitor. No, make that three new monitors - one each for me, my wife, and my tv (the TV monitor went out a week ago. I am... distressed. I liked that 21 inch monitor.)

Anyhoo - blagwish: Time. I need to put some time in to this this. And a database, that would be nice too. And features, and... er, anyways.

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