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(Sun Dec 17 14:18:23 2006)

Finals are done, which means it finally time for some relaxation - right?

Finals are done, which means it finally time for some relaxation - right? Yeah, right. Granted, I had fun (mostly), but this weekend just wore me out... here's the gist of how it went:

11:00 Friday night: Went to bed later than I wanted - sushi day tomorrow!
5:40 Sat. morning: Woke up. Wondered why in the world I was doing this.
7:00am: arrived at LeTourneau Inc parking lot. Waited around for others to arrive.
7:20am: Others arrived. 'Bout time. Began drive to Houston.
9:30am: Arrived at computer sale. Looked around, bought a 3com 8 port 10/100 switch for $5
10:20am: Left, went to a sporting goods store where others shopped.
11:45am: Lots of lines and driving later, finally made it to sushi place.
1:00pm (or so): I will never eat again.
2:00pm: Ikea is very, very big. Nearly fell asleep on sofa while others shopped.
3pm (or so): Started drive home
5:45pm: Finally made it home, only to leave again for the Jefferson train ride. Lindsay somewhat upset.
9:40pm: Back home. Train ride was fun, but I was so tired on the drive home, I could barely think. Went to bed.

It may not sound like much, but add up all that time spent driving - I could have driven to Kansas in that time, easy. Speaking of which, I'm doing just that next weekend. I am learning to steer my car through sheer force of will.

Now, finally, it's Sunday afternoon, and I'm still tired out - though I am awake enough to realize that my shoulders hurt. And my arms. And my legs... I need a nap. And a driver.

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