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Drumroll please...

(Sun Dec 3 13:03:17 2006)

By jove, I think I've got it!

By jove, I think I've got it! Squashed another half-dozen little bugs, moved some things around, and BAM! Posting is a GO! Blaggers of the world, UNTIE!

If you didn't get the drift of that - we're almost at Blag .1, baby! Just this close to beta!

Yes, I'm excited. I've poured a good few hours into this; the learning experience is good, sure, but c'mon. This is the first real software I've made that wasn't school work. It's MINE, all MINE, and it's freakin' COOL!

Now to the next hard part - password changing. This isn't hard to code - it's hard to think up. I don't really want to be sending plaintext passwords around, but thus far, it's all I got. I'll go for that, for now, but hopefully change it later. After that? Unclosed/unopened tags. I think it'll be a javascript checker that will take care of that...

<< Once again!WE ARE GO FOR BETA! >>

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