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(Fri Dec 1 13:06:40 2006)

Yes folks, that's right - a blag! (See XKCD #148) I'll even update it every once in a while.

Yes folks, that's right - a blag! (See XKCD #148) I'll even update it every once in a while. In fact, I'll even put in information I don't want just anyone to see - that's what I've been working on lately. Yay for custom tags!
I invented five custom html tags, to let only those who I want to see things, see things. The tags are as follows:

<guest>visible to everyone</guest>
<any>visible to anyone logged in</any>
<group group1,group2>visible to group1,group2, etc.</group>
<inner>visible only to your inner circle</inner>
<user user1,user2>visible to specific users</user>
<pic 37> show one of your pictures
<pic arman 37> show someone else's pictures

There will be a lot more stuff added to this as time goes on, I'm sure; in time, I'd like this to weave IM, email, even text messaging stuff together. I'd like to be able to create/destroy usernames, make sub-users... it'll be awesome. Hey, I can dream, right?

Currently FINISHED:
hash for user tracking (login stuff)
guest link
cookies instead of carry-through hashes
going to "password.cgi?page=" or just "password.cgi" will send you to login, or your blag if you already are logged in.
also, "password.cgi?page=username" sends you username's blag.
User detail-editing page now can change inner circle. Still haven't figure out what to do for groups...
Blag writing - complete! We are now officially alpha!

Currently in the works:
User detail-editing page (set password)
Long-term cookies (day, week, etc.)
better file user (locking, individual files)

Things I'd like to do soon:
Sign-up page
Searchable user list, with links to startpages
Merge password.cgi with pictures.cgi

I've had some problems, too; for instance, with my user file, it's gone from a simple "username/password" to "username/password/groups/innercircle". That's going to have to change into either per-user files or I'll have to add some sort of wait routine, because otherwise, if more than one user edits their profile at once, it'll choke. Best case, one user gets through; worst case, it starts another world war (What? It could happen!).
There's also been a few fun problems like differences between IE, Opera, and FF, javascript problems, perl problems, cookie problems, html problems, mixtures of any two, three, four, or fice of the previous problems, and Mondays. Ah well, it's been a great learning experience, and will continue to be, and honestly, that's all I meant for it to be anyway.

EDIT: Look here for more updates.

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