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One Line at a Time

(Thu Mar 19 14:33:23 2009)

This post is a bit of an experiment.

This post is a bit of an experiment. I'm writing it in Notepad. In fact, I'm writing it in Notepad for a reason other than "I always write thoughts in Notepad first." See, I made a rule for myself for this post - one line at a time. If I want to change thoughts, I'm going to have to do so before the end of a line. Notepad is sized such that one line, and one line only, is visible. I can't look back at what I've written, and I can't edit any mistakes I might have made above this one line.

Now for the actual point - life's like this. If you say something stupid, you don't have a paragraph of thinking to fix it. You have a sentence. One line of thoughts to say "I'm so sorry! I actually meant something else!"
You also only have your memories to look back on - right now, I know how this post started, vaguely, but I can't quote it to you. In fact, if I leave this for a few hours, chances are I'll have no idea where I was. Life is the same - when you go through your day, only bits of it stick with you. Now, I could remember a few thoughts by just typing them over at the beginning of every line, or perhaps by typing one line and not touching it, but honestly, that would be pretty boring to read. Still, I know people who do that with their lives - get stuck on one line, or refuse to change even though the world around them changes.

I'll tell you something this proves, though; I'm changing. Years ago, when I first started college, I couldn't stand writing letters, or emails, or even posts on a message board, unless I could review them a hundred times for any possible error, or a fragment of words that might make me look stupid. Now? I'm going to post this thing without any proofreading at all. Ha! Flow of thoughts, indeed! Though, now that I think of it, that might not be such a great idea... for one thing, I have absolutely no idea how many lines I've typed. More than one, less than a billion. (British or American billion.)

Well, I got up and left this for more than a couple minutes. I have no idea what my last thought was, so I'm just going to finish with this:
Blagwish: interesting challenges. I want this blag to be more than just a bunch of words on a page; I want it to be thought-provoking. And not just in you, the reader, but also me, the writer. I mean, I'm actually writing a blag; that's change right there. Next thing you know, I'll be on facebook or something! [shudder!]
Oh, and another blagwish - a drop-down for the level, instead of a box. Actually, that shouldn't be too hard to implement...

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